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A photo showcasing United Concrete & Gravel Ltd’s cement mixture truck and a workmen
United Concrete & Gravel Ltd

Concrete Sealants in the Cariboo Region

United Concrete & Gravel Ltd's concrete sealants in the Cariboo region will keep your concrete intact for years to come. We provide concrete sealants at all our locations, including Quesnel, Williams Lake, and 100 Mile House. Concrete sealers guard your concrete surface against harmful factors, including foot traffic and weather. Sealers also aid in the correct curing of fresh concrete to achieve optimal strength and longevity. They are available in liquid form and are easy to apply. You can choose from high gloss or low gloss sealers depending on the appearance and performance you require.

Crew working on construction site

Maintenance for Your Concrete

Always ensure that you or your finisher seals the slab immediately after placement and finishing on fresh concrete. If you already have concrete, a sealer will improve its appearance and prevent it from future damage. Be sure to seal external concrete at least once every two years and interior concrete at least every five years. Concrete sealers are offered at all three of our sites.

The Benefits of Concrete Sealing

A concrete sealer should be applied once the concrete has fully cured. The following are some of the benefits of sealing concrete:

  • Protection against de-icing salts

  • Resistance to mildew and surface stains

  • Enhanced appearance

  • Simpler to clean

  • Decreased efflorescence (a whitish powder on the surface)

A surface sealant is highly recommended due to the porous finish of exposed aggregate concrete.

Concrete spreading

Concrete Finishing

While United Concrete & Gravel Ltd does not provide concrete finishing, we are happy to connect our customers with industry specialists acknowledged for their great work. We can supply you with contact information for local finishers if required.

Two construction workers spreading concrete for a slab

Quality Concrete Sealants

Get concrete sealants to ensure a smooth finish of your concrete structure.

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