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Decorative and Construction Gravel in Cariboo. We Can Deliver

United Concrete & Gravel Ltd., produces many types of gravel at our three screening plants in Quesnel, Williams Lake and 100 Mile House. Our products include decorative gravel, driveway gravel, playground gravel, children's sandbox sand and navvy jack (sand and gravel mixture for making your own concrete). We offer three ways to get your gravel product: load your own vehicle or trailer with a shovel, have us scoop the gravel on to your own vehicle or trailer, or make it easy and have us deliver the gravel to you in one of our dump trucks!

Our Products

Listed below are the different types of gravel we offer.

Call for availabilty of product, as each location can be different based on supply and demand. 

Mansonry Sand

Masonry sand

(Fine grit sand)

Uses: Stucco, grout, mortar, etc.

Washed Sand

Washed sand

(Medium-fine grit sand)

Uses: Kids’ sandbox

Bedding sand

Bedding sand

(Course grit sand)

Uses: Winter sanding, pipe bedding, kids sand boxes, etc.

¾” Road crush

¾” Road crush

(¾” Crushed rock with fines)

Uses: Road base/building, backfill, pot holes or filling holes in general, packing, etc.

1 ¼” Crush with minimal fines

1 ¼” Crush with minimal fines

(1 ¼” Crushed rock with fines)

Uses: Heavy-duty road base, fill for deep mud holes and large holes in general, etc.

¾” Clear crush

¾” Clear crush

(¾” Crushed rock, clean – with no fines)

Uses: Driveway/parking lot topper, reducing mud, decorative uses, etc.

3/8” Pea gravel

3/8” Pea gravel

(Small pea-sized gravel, clean – no fines)

Uses: Playground filler for safety, decorative uses, etc.

Round rock

¾” Round rock

(¾” Round rock, clean – no fines)

Uses: Decorative uses

1”-1 ½” Drain rock

1”-1 ½” Drain rock

(1”-1 ½” Round rock, clean – no fines)

Uses: Draining (drain perimeters, drain fields, etc.) and decorative uses

1 ½” to 12” Round

1 ½” to 12” Round

(1 1/2”– 12” Round rock, clean – no fines)

Uses: drainage, decorative uses, etc.

3/8” Crusher fines

3/8” Crusher fines

(3/8” Crush with some fines)

Uses: Light-duty packing, driveways, walkways, decorative uses, etc.

Gravel for the Construction Industry

United Concrete & Gravel Ltd., also serves the industrial and commercial construction industries with large quantities of gravel, sand and topsoil. From B-train side dump or end dump units to dump truck and pup units, we can deliver results for your large project. Please contact us at any one of our 3 screening plant locations for more information.

We Deliver

We manufacture topsoil in Quesnel.

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