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Garden soil

Delivery and Pickup Available for Topsoil in the Cariboo Region

Topsoil is the upper layer of soil, generally, 2 to 8 inches deep, that retains the majority of the ground's nutrients and fertility. United Concrete & Gravel Ltd provides high-quality topsoil in the Cariboo region. Our topsoil is available for pickup or delivery at all our screening plant facilities - Quesnel and Williams Lake. Gravel and topsoil are often sold by the cubic yard. Please contact us and we will calculate the volume for you! Ask about product availability, since supply and demand might vary by area.


Topsoil Applications

Topsoil has several uses. Among these are:


  • Gardening: Topsoil can help your plants grow and thrive.

  • Potting mixture: Topsoil, when combined with compost and peat moss, can form an excellent potting mixture.

  • Level out your garden: Use it to level out any uneven terrain.

  • Kids' play sand: When combined with children's play sand, it can be used as bedding.

Your Provider for Good-quality Topsoil

We provide delivery and pickup service for topsoil in the Cariboo region.

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